- Robin van der Hulst, Chief Aerodynamics

The aerodynamics department is in charge of all the wings, diffusers and general airflow around the car. The department consists mainly of Aerospace engineers, though it also offers a perfect opportunity for anyone wanting to dive into the broad world of aerodynamics. Due to the strict regulations the formula student competitions place on aerodynamic development, our engineers from the aero department have to be exceptionally creative. This makes the aerodynamic package on the cars one of the most interesting things to see every year.

The Department

Robin van der Hulst 

Chief Aerodynamics

Alessandro D'Aguanno 

CFD engineer

Jacopo Sem

Structures & production

Jacques Weijers

Structures & production

Christopher Tranquille

Underbody design

Johan van der Maten

Overall aero design

Romano Meijer

Cooling design

Simone Olto

CFD engineer

Simone van der Velden

Underbody design

Tim Paulsen

Overall aero design

Tullio Nutta

Structures & production

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