The chassis department is one of the most versatile in all of Formula Student team Delft, using the expertise of many studies, from mechanical engineering to industrial design. The chassis is designed in detail, incorporating factors such as weight, stiffness and ergonomics. In this process making trade offs is key, for example you can make the car as stiff as you want, but by doing so you're adding weight, so finding the perfect balance between advantages from stiffness and disadvantages from weight is essential to the performance of the car.


- Wouter de Gruijl, Chief Chassis

The Department

Wouter de Gruijl

Chief Chassis

Muhammad Arsel Hasan

Materials testing

Peixuan Zhou

Rim design

Bart Debeuckelaere 

Materials testing

Omar Zahalka

Structural design

Pepijn Westland

Rim design

Daniel Shor


Paulien Uijterwaal


Thijn van Zelst

Crash nose & inserts

Thijs van Herwerden

Shape design

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