Controls & Software

"In data we trust." 

- Gert Spek, Chief Controls & Software

Due to how complicated our electric motors are, understanding how they work and being able to control them as precisely as possible is key to getting a good performance out of our car. The engineers also need to be masters at communicating, as their work spans across all parts of the car. Ultimately they need to transfer as much information about the car to the driver when on track. Being our newest branch, the controls & software department is the perfect place to acquire new knowledge and make a difference for the team.

The Department

Gert Spek

Computer Science

Martijn Janssen

Computer Science

Matthias Baert

Aerospace Engineering

Rutger van den Berg

Computer Science

Stefan Philippi

Mechanical Engineering

Ahmed Hashish

Mechanical Engineering

Dorian de Koning

Computer Science

Niels Baltus

Mechanical Engineering

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