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Join and Shape DUT23!

Application Deadline: 1st of March

Not sure yet? Read about the challenge and positions below.

Talk with us at our RECRUITMENT EVENTS

Mark the dates!

The interest events will be held either in person or on discord.




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Interest Drink

Wed, 09-02

20:00 - 22:00

Interest Drink

Wed, 16-02

20:00 - 22:00

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We will process part-time applications at a later stage and likely hold more events. Stay up to date:

Are you passionate about (autonomous) cars and motorsport? Are you looking for opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge to a real-life project? Do you want to compete with the best technical universities from around the globe? Do you want to learn about working in a professional engineering environment? Then look no further than Formula Student Team Delft!


Every year, from the ground up, our team designs, constructs, and races a formula-style single-seater car at the largest international student engineering competition in the world! Work with an international, inspiring collective of like-minded peers, get valuable hands-on experience with cutting-edge automotive engineering, and travel across Europe to participate in prestigious racing events at such iconic locations as the Hockenheimring and Silverstone! Join Formula Student Team Delft today!



Design, build, race, and win!

There are many different jobs that need to be done within the team, both engineering and logistical. The tasks our members have to perform range from contacting sponsors to constructing 3D models of the car to implementing and testing software for autonomous racing to organising the logistics for the competition- and press events! Our team employs a highly diverse group of students with various technical and cultural backgrounds to ensure that the team is firing on all cylinders and spinning all four wheels throughout the entirety of the season! 



The Location


For the past 2 years, the team is relocated from the D:Dreamhall to the Schiehallen. At this new location, combined with other student teams, we have set up workshhops and offices. This allows our team to continue our journey in a unique location. 

This new workshop has been fitted with some of our own machines, which allow us to still produce many of our cars components in-house. Additionally, our links to the TU Delft aid us in producing the remaining components, combined with our world-class sponsors. 

The current team is working hard on the production of the DUT22, which you can follow on our instagram.



Full-Time Managerial

Our team and its departments must be managed by a highly motivated "core-team". As such, the lead and guide the design, production, built and racing. See their job descriptions:

Full-Time or Part-Time

Our backbone is formed by a large group of full-time and part-time members. See what departments to reinforce and gain experience in!


For some time now, we support spending part of your free minor as a project at FS Team Delft in one of our departments.

This will also require you to communicate with your faculty's coordinator well in advance of the minor deadlines.

From experience, applying to us in March allows time to figure it out the logistics together with you.

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