The Driverless car we are building this year is a joint effort of us (Delft Driverless) and our partner team: MIT Driverless. We are located in Delft, our partners in crime are situated in Boston.

The team structures are listed below. 

Chiefs and management

Rutger van den Berg

Manager/Chief Engineer

Chadi Salmi

Chief of Mechatronics

Rami Younis

Chief of Electronics

Achin Agarwal

Chief of Perception LiDAR & Controls

Cyril Trap

Chief of Embedded Systems & Software

Yannick Schulz

Finance Manager / Chief of Simulation

The Departments


• Edward Neate

• Theo van der Zon

• Jeffrey Montagne

• Anneliese Schmidt

Embedded Software

• Mihail Ivanov

• Thijs Raymakers


• Bart Tromp

• Efe Kulaksızoğlu

• Akshaya Bomanwar


• Titus Naber

• Bjorn Romijn


• Yikai Zeng

• Youri Blom

• Gilian Breysens


• Sabri Mercimek

• Raj Kumar Muniyandi

Chiefs and management

Shaurya Agarwal

Project Manager

Luke Kulik

Team Captain/Chief Engineer

Kieran Strobel

Lead Computer Vision

Allen Wang

Lead Path Planning

Andrew Haeffner

Lead Path Planning

Andrew Foster

Lead Operations

The Departments


• Brendan Stiffle

• Camila Metello

• Finn Xu

• James Fok

• Kevin Cheung


• Kathleen Brandes

Perception CV

• Emily Zhang

• Mengyuan Sun

• Raphael Chang

• Ravi Rahman

Simulation & Testing

• Adam Potter


• Mohammed Kabir

Perception LiDAR

• Bouke Edskes

• Nick Stathas

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