"All aboard the drivetrain!" 

- Pim Vugts, Chief Drivetrain

Where a conventional car has a gearbox to gearbox and driveshaft to get the power from the engine to the wheels, in our racers the system is a little different. Our drivetrain department has continued to innovate over the past years, finding new ways to deliver our power, which now happens through a set of planet gears in a bespoke inner wheel concept. This out-of-the-box mentality is a standout feature for our drivetrain department and its engineers, with a constant strive to increase efficiency and decrease weight.

The Department

Pim Vugts

Chief Drivetrain

Anirudh Sripada


Koen Kruimer


Menno Schijf 

Wheel hub

Rutger Naber

Pedal box

Thomas Njio


Dennis Koens


Petar Velchev

Transmission & lubrication

Tobias de Haas

Brake system

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