Our car is basically a computer on wheels - a very fast one, mind you - so having a good team of electronics experts is crucial to getting around the track as quickly as possible. Mainly populated by electrical engineers, the electronics department offers great insight in high- and low voltage applied electrical systems. There is also a huge responsibility for the electronics department, as the components should be sealed off very well. Not just to comply to the rules of the competitions, but more importantly to ensure the safety of our entire crew. This is especially hard with the accessibility of the electronics systems in mind, as we need to be able to change malfunctioning components in the blink of an eye at the events.


- Daniel Nobbe, Chief Electrics

The Department

Daniël Nobbe

Chief Electrics

Mathijs van Geerenstein

Accumulator design 

Tristan Widjojoatmodjo

Casings/LVB design

Maurits van Herwijnen


Brendan Szuwalski


Onno Twisk

AMS design

Herbert van Even

TSAL design

Laura Donadoni

ECU design

Art van Liere

Dashboard design

Federico Fiorini


Tom Hendrix


Harshit Bohra


Timotei Jugariu


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