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To be able to build an electric four-wheel driven car each year the team relies on a large pool of very enthusiastic sponsors. These range from large companies such as Siemens and AMK to the local water-cutter in Delft, each providing essential parts to be able to finish the car on time. Keeping the relations between the team and sponsor positive and finding new sponsors if necessary is the task of the Team Manager. Besides being in contact with sponsors on an almost daily basis the team manager is also responsible for keeping the atmosphere within the team positive, overseeing team logistics and resolving any managerial issues that might arise throughout the season.





Designing, building and testing a car before any competition is a challenge in itself, especially if all the work has to be done in only 9 months time. Making sure that deadlines are met and the team doesn’t find itself lagging behind with only a month to go is the task of the technical manager. Being in charge of the planning it is one of his main roles to make the trade-off between time and the desire for extra performance from the technical part of the team.  His task is also to continuously adapt the planning and find solutions to delays and problems together with the chiefs.  Responsible for the planning, this position finds itself as the connecting element between the technical designs of the car, and the sponsors and the team that are going to produce the car.




The chief engineer is the only technical chief who doesn’t actually design a part of the car. Rather, he is responsible for the entire car. This entails making sure all interfaces between parts are resolved and that every component of the car has the best possible design. Because the chief engineer is involved in the entire design process, any big design choices are also only made with the concession of the chief engineer, as he is most familiar with the consequences of such choices. Once the design is completed, his task shifts to providing the manufacturing crews with the necessary drawings for production and beginning preparation for assembly and testing. Finally, at the competitions the chief has the important task being the main spokesperson for our electric racer.





Having all the right sponsors and the car being built on time is one thing, but in the end it also needs to be transported to the competitions. This means not only transporting the car and all essentials to keep it running to the competition, but also a truck serving as mobile workshop and up to 50 team members. Having this run effortlessly to be able to maximize the car performance at the competition is the task of the operations manager. Besides making sure that the competitions run as smooth as silk, throughout the year he will make sure that lunch and dinner is supplied every day and that the small shop at the team is well stocked allowing the engineers to think about nothing else than designing their part.  The operations department is also tasked with organizing team bonding events and promotion items for the team. Finally the operations manager is also responsible for organising big events such as our design presentation, roll-out on Delft square and keeping the social media up to date.




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