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COVID-19 hit the world hard and we of DUT20 were not sparred. In this newsletter, we will give you our statement about our future plans.


This is the second newsletter of 2020. In this edition, we will present you with our most recent events. We will talk about the interests drink where we will recruit DUT21, the production kick-off event, our new website, driverless status and the livery competition. Two separate interviews are included in this in one, one about chief Aero, Patricia Apostol and one of a MIT’er Jorge Castillo. 


For the month January, we released a Newsletter focused on the Design Presentation, the chassis, what Driverless is up to and much more. Two interviews are also included, one of our team manager, Julie Weyns, and one of our members over at MIT, Kieran Strobel, both leading the project. 


December has been an eventful month, lots of things have happened. We discuss our team building activities in Baarn, a driverless test day, the deadline of the chassis and tell you something about our upcoming design presentation. To finish it off, we will also present you the DUT20 logo and an interview with our Finance and Operations Manager, Julius van Bebber.


This is a special newsletter, as it is the first newsletter of DUT20. In this edition, we will introduce our chiefs and give you a general overview of our team. We will also discuss all the events since the start of this year. We will talk about the kick-off at Brunel, the kart outing, Science Day Delft and the IDEA League in Aachen.

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