"We keep it balanced"

- Egor Popov, Operations Manager

The operations department is the hidden motor behind the team. It consists of a variety of students and their main goal is to get the team through the year as smoothly as possible. From arranging team weekends and supplying the team with food to giving business presentations, planning the race events, and contacting sponsors, the tasks of the operations crew are essential for a well-functioning team. You get to meet lots of people and gather broad knowledge of the car and its engineers as you fill in a communicative and managerial role within the team.

The Department

Egor Popov

Operations Manager

Francesca Argenziano

Social Media

Lukas Machunskas

Social Media

Thomas Dankert


Emilie Bessette


Jelmer Blom


Robbin Heijerman


Sara Lukasiewicz

Graphic Design

Ivar van Straaten

Social Media

Johannes Soikkeli

Videos & Renders

Samantha Boom


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