"Can't we please make a square motor axle?"

- Niels Uitterdijk, Chief Powertrain

The car won't move without something to power it, this is where the powertrain department comes in. As we have been making electric cars for numerous years now we have quite a lot of expertise on the subject of accumulators (or accu's for short) and electric motors. Of course this does not stop us from pushing for improvements every year. Advantages can be found everywhere, so the engineers not only have to think about the performance of the powertrain, but they also have to consider the position in the car, in order to reach a low center of gravity and to provide the team with the easiest access in case of a problem.

The Department

Niels Uitterdijk

Mechanical Engineering

Corne van Woensel

Aerospace Engineering

Louis Alen

Aerospace Engineering

Joshua Jones

Electrical Engineering

Sparsh Sharma

Vehicle Engineering

Francesco Torre

Aerospace Engineering

Jasper van der Veen

Applied Physics

Giacomo Mingardo

Aerospace Engineering

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