ZF Racecamp

June 20, 2015

ZF Race Camp is not the usual Formula Student competition: you don’t earn points for your performance. The Race Camp is organized to give teams a real test case before they go to the actual competitions in the summer. This means you can practice both your presentations and the car’s performance. We attended ZF Race Camp to practice running our entire operations. Because in the end, the entire year has been an enormous preparation for one of the competition, and this Race Camp allows us to give it a shot without the consequences.




The event started off smoothly by arriving on time, unloading the truck and setting up our tents. As soon as the event area opened, we parked the Delft Mobile Workshop (i.e. the truck) and moved the DUT15 into the pits. We were first in line for scrutineering (technical inspection) and we passed it remarkably quickly.


During the second day, the team had the chance to practice Engineering Design Judging and our Business Presentation. Both events went really well and we got some very useful feedback. During the second day, we had also finished scrutineering and we could head out on the track. Unfortunately it was extremely rainy weather the first day, but still we were able to drive a few rounds and then tweak the suspension set-up a bit.


The last day was amazing. It was extremely sunny, lots of cars were driving and we got to practice our Cost Judging. The competition was driving extremely fast and we need to up the ante to be able to compete with them in just 10 days at FSUK!


One of the highlights of ZF Race Camp was the Business Presentation. Out of the possible 70 points, we already scored 62.5 and we got some really valuable feedback which is being processed at this very moment.


The last day and the event ended with an amazing barbecue, organized by ZF. We want to thank ZF for this great opportunity to practice our entire event operation. We went to Friedrichshafen with the goal to drive on a real track, test our logistical operations, and to test our presentations. All in all, we are extremely satisfied with ZF Race Camp: @ZF, see you next year!

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