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January 11, 2016

My name is Joshua Jones, I am a fifth year bachelor student of Electrical Engineering at the TU Delft. I have been a member of the Formula Student Team Delft in the 14-15 season and am a team member again this year.




In the 14-15 year I fulfilled my Minor at the FS Team Delft. My assignment consisted of creating the electrical design of the car's accumulator (i.e. main traction battery), as I was interested (and still am) in high power electronic devices. Expertise on battery systems acquired in courses such as Energieomzettingen were helpful. When designing a battery for the car, one must consider all the other devices that make up the powertrain, including the drivetrain, which is a mechanical system. The Physics courses and Dynamical Systems were essential in understanding the various energy transfers in the car, as well as communicating them to the mechanical engineers working on the drivetrain and vice versa.


This year I am working on the low voltage power supply system, which is in many ways a miniature version of the main battery. Designing a battery system to power low voltage electronics may seem like a trivial matter, but this requires a great deal of reading up on battery management systems (chips) in general, followed by creating a functional PCB design for a specifically chosen chip.


On the whole, the part of the EE Bachelor programme that was most helpful to me were the EPO projects. Experience in aspects such as reporting on one's work and working as a team are gained here and readily carry over to working in a dreamteam like FS Team Delft, where such skills are not a luxury but an absolute necessity.

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