January 28, 2016

My name is Tu Hoang, I am a fourth year bachelor Electrical Engineering student at the TU Delft. This year will be my second year as a member of the Formula Student Team Delft.


During the DUT15 year I was responsible for the design of the high voltage safety systems and I had to look into some problems concerning interference. Safety systems are designed and implemented to prevent that the high voltages and currents can harm people and other electrical systems within the car. The knowledge acquired in the courses Lineaire Schakelingen and Elektriciteit & Magnetisme was especially useful in understanding and designing these systems. When designing a safety system the possible defects and their position need to be considered, these safety systems should also hamper the performance of the car as little as possible, which is not trivial.




This year I am responsible for the design of the dashboard, which is the interface between the Chief Engineer, driver and the electrical part of the car. Designing a dashboard consist mostly of meeting the wishes and demands of the Chief Engineer and driver, since they are the ones that need to use it. Afterwards the PCB is designed using knowledge acquired in the courses Lineaire Schakelingen and Geïntegreerde Schakelingen. The focus on user interaction makes it an interesting part to design, especially since it is something that is not focused on during the bachelor of Electrical Engineering.


Working in a team like Formula Student Team Delft will allow you to experience much more compared to the EPO projects in the Electrical Engineering bachelor. The part that you design will also be produced, tested, and implemented into the car. The part will also have several interfaces with other parts that are designed by people from other disciplines. Working together with all these people to design and build a car has taught me a lot.


That is why I would recommend Formula Student Team Delft as an interesting and especially fun learning experience.

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