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April 22, 2016

My name is Rutger van den Berg and I’m a bachelor student of Computer Science. I joined Formula Student Team Delft this year because I wanted to work on something tangible, something real. I really enjoy being a part of a large multidisciplinary team, working towards a single goal: build the best car to win the competitions with.


I work together with people from almost every faculty. I consult with them on what I’m building, because almost every department has some stake in what I’m building. In turn, they depend on me to write all the needed software – without it the car won’t do a thing. Having someone ask me if I can write some software that’ll save them a lot of time, and being able to tell them sure, no problem, it feels great.




Most of the time I’m writing software in C/C++ for slow low power embedded computers on the car. For this, the Computer Systems track is a perfect match. Of course we also have a lot of software running on regular computers. For example telemetry, which communicates with the car in real-time, or software that monitors the safe charging of the accumulator. I even got to set up our own computing cluster that the aerodynamics guys run their simulations on.


The best part of course is that we’re building a racing car. And this summer we’ll be racing it ourselves on racing circuits all over Europe. I can definitely recommend joining the team.

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