May 9, 2016

My name is Buster Bernstein and I'm an Electrical Engineering bachelor student. I joined the Formula Student Team Delft (FSTD) this year because I wanted to expand my theoretical knowledge to some actual real world project. Because the FSTD is a large multidisciplinary team you also learn a lot about other fields of engineering, as well as what it's like to work in a professional environment.


The car is full of software and it is very important to be able to monitor what is going on the inside. If certain systems overheat, a circuit malfunctions or a battery cell dies, you need to know as soon as possible. Therefore the car is programmed to send information ranging from system states to geometrical coordinates to dashboard settings. This process of sending and receiving real-time wireless information is called telemetry, and it's what I spend most of my time working on.



The communication was pretty easy to work with, mainly because it was quite similar to the group project EPO2 from the EE bachelor, also the objected oriented programming course was beneficial. Other parts like writing graphical userinterface applications were new to me, which made an interesting challenge to paint graphs, store data and working with different threads.


What I particularly enjoy about the team is that you can still choose your own hours and can therefore integrate it really well with your studies. You also get the freedom to research and create your own solutions all while being part of producing an awesome racecar!

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