July 17, 2016

My name is Tu Hoang, I am a fourth year bachelor Electrical Engineering student at the TU Delft. This year is my second year as a member of the Formula Student Team Delft.


Being part of Formula Student Team Delft allows you to experience everything from design to implementation of a certain part and in my case this was the dashboard. The dashboard acts as an interface between the electronics and the driver or Chief engineer. Therefore the design was largely based on their demands and wishes. But the dashboard is only a small part in the entire assembly of the car, so the design of the dashboard also needs to be able to fit in with all the other parts that will be connected to it and this will force you to work together in a team, so that in the end there will not be a collection of parts, but a full-fledged car.



Another part of the design is practicality, so it needs to consider problems that might occur during production, testing and operation. This design for practicality is something that is not taught during the study or any of the EPO projects and it is a very worthwhile experience to have. Only after production during testing and operation will you find that certain problems appear that you did not account for, which always leaves some room for improvement and new things to learn.


Being part of the team, working together, assembling the car and seeing it run for the very first time are all experiences that are very memorable. And that is also why I really recommend being part the Formula Student Team Delft not just for the knowledge that you will gain, but also for the memorable experiences that you will have during the year.

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