The Nervous System

November 17, 2016

I am Dorian, I'm in the controls and software department of Formula Student Team Delft for my Minor in the first half of the 3rd year of my bachelor program. Because I am working on the embedded software aspect of the project, I have a lot of interfacing with the electronics department in order to design a well-functioning electronics system for our car. Since a lot of specialized electronics are involved in building an electric race car we even design our own printed circuit boards (pcbs), in cooperation with multiple sponsors.



One of our sponsors is TBP, a company that is specialized in the assembly of such pcbs. TBP will provide us with feedback about the design of our own pcbs, assemble, and test them for us. In order for us to gain more insight into the production of pcbs, they invited us for an excursion to their factory. In the morning we attended a workshop where they provided us with helpful tips and tricks about pcb design.



Another one of our electronics-related sponsors was present at this workshop: Eurocircuits, which specializes in the production of the actual pcbs on which TBP mounts the electrical components. They gave us a quick guide on how to order the pcbs using their website and also provided us useful information regarding the design of pcbs. In the afternoon we got a tour of TBP's factory, where they assemble the pcbs using a highly-automated process. This reduces the risk of human error that could occur were we, and TBP's many other clients, to assemble the circuit boards ourselves.


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