Humans of FS Team Delft

November 23, 2016

This week we have two members! Dorian de Koning and Martijn Janssen, better known as Peppi and Kokki.


“We are both minor students from Computer science and engineering, which is just across the street from Formula Student Team Delft. Although we do the same study we didn’t really know each other before joining the team, and as only a very small amount of people can join a dream team for their minor it was quite a coincidence getting to know each other here. As we usually walk in and out around the same time and do the same work we were soon given the nicknames “Peppi” and “Kokki”, kind of making us the dynamic duo of the team; we even have our own mugs with the team logo and our nicknames! We are both in the controls & software department, which specializes in all the software that keeps the car running. Without the right software, the car won’t even run at all!” Kokki: ‘To most people software is like a big cloud full of letters and numbers, our job is to make sure every part of that clutter compiles’. Peppi: ‘Along with making sure everything works properly, our job is to write the software as efficiently as possible in order to optimize performance’. “We work tightly with the electronics department, as there is a lot of interfacing we have to do with the physical part of the car. After the first semester, when our minors end, we both plan on staying with the team on a part time base, so we can finish our jobs and see the completed car running at the competitions!”




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