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December 10, 2016

 Our newest entry is Ivar van Straaten, one of our part time members

“I am a second year industrial design student and I joined the team in the operations department as a part timer this year. The work I do is very broad, but I mainly focus on the social media of the team. The fun thing about this is having lots of contact with the other team members as you need info and updates from every department within the team. Everyone is always very open about their work and if you ask they’ll happily explain the process they’re going through, which means you can gather very broad knowledge in a fun way. Outside of the team I love swimming and especially racing, which is the reason I joined the team in the first place. The competitions are very different from conventional racing like in F1, but the development of the car, the amazing drive you have as a team and the constant pushing of technology is very similar. Being part of the team really feels special, after just a few days at the team it really started to feel like a family, and all the lunches, dinners and activities we do together make for an incredibly close group of engineers. There are still many milestones this year I look forward to, for example the design presentation, the car’s first meters and the competitions. I especially look forward to that last one, because it offers an incredible opportunity to meet new people and gather even more knowledge and contacts. I’m hoping to join the team on a fulltime base next year and be even more involved in the development of the car and the team as a whole.”

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