Humans of FS Team Delft

November 17, 2016

Meet our newest team member: Johar Buxani!


“I’m a fourth-year student at the Hague University of Applied Sciences, where I study mechatronics. I’m currently in my final year, so I should have my degree next summer. I joined Formula Student Team Delft as an intern in the electronics department. I first got to know the team at an open day, and I thought their history and what they do was really cool. I knew someone in the team, so when I heard they were still looking for engineers I immediately wanted to do my internship there. After contacting the management I got the position to work on the AMS, or accumulator management system. We learned the principles of these kinds of systems at my study, however the applied knowledge is very new. The team members have helped me a lot to get up to speed, as I joined the team later than the others. The whole team came to feel like a family very quickly, we eat, work and laugh together everyday. It’s impressive to see how much dedication everyone has for the team and the car, in a way it feels like a hardworking start-up company! I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the car in motion for the first time and seeing all the hard work pay off. Also winning events and finishing high up on the world ranking would be very nice!”




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