The Best Car Possible

December 22, 2016

I’m Jorden Kerkhof and this is my first year at Formula Student Delft as an part-time engineer in the Electronics department. At the moment I’m in my last year finishing my bachelor in Electrical Engineering. The main reason I joined the team is to gain some extra skills which won’t get lectured by my study and also it is very nice to work together in a team full of different departments. I’m responsible for the low voltage power supply system, which includes the low voltage battery pack, its own battery management system and a set of regulators providing all the power for the small electronics on the car. The small electronics consist of devices like the sensors, ECU, dashboard, lights, shutdown system, etc.


For every device someone else is responsible, which means there’s a need of a lot of interfacing between those departments. Everyone has its own requirements but we all have the same goal; To build a racing car to win every competition we’re participating in. The planning for the design is very strict. There are three main phases in the design-time where team members from previous years can give you some useful feedback. The old team members are more experienced and could prevent you from making the same mistakes as they did in their year. This concept will create a better car each year, because fresh and creative ideas mixed with years of experience will generate the best design.

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