Humans of FS Team Delft

February 15, 2017

After a small hiatus we return with Humans of Formula Student Team Delft! This time we have Myrthe Croese, our operations manager


"I am currently in my fifth year of my study to become a history teacher. The "only" thing I have to do for my studies is write my thesis and I'm teaching two half days a week, which makes for a properly busy schedule along with the team, as I have a fulltime position.
I first joined the team last year as part of the so-called Happy Crew at the FSG competition because of my good connections with last year’s Management-team. Once I was there bringing food and drinks to a thankful team, people started telling me I should become the Operations manager next year. Because I enjoyed being part of the team so much that I decided to apply for a part time role at the operations department- and got accepted! Within a few days I got a request to become the Operations manager after all, and I decided to go for it.
I have not regretted my decisions, even though I have little time left for my other hobbies, such as running, which I now do late at night on the campus. My best memories with the team this year are celebrating my birthday at het Hok, the amazing kart outings and the rollercoaster ride that was the Design Presentation!

I am still looking forward to organizing, - and going to - all the events coming summer. And as a cherry on the pie I'm (hopefully) driving the DUT17 at the acceleration events!"

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