Exciting Times

February 23, 2017

Exciting times are ahead for the electronics and software department of our team. The first versions of our own designed pcbs came in a couple of weeks ago and needed to be tested thoroughly to make sure any mistakes made in the design were detected. Before the first pcbs arrived we wrote test plans describing what, how, and in what order we would test all the subsystems. All the mistakes found have to be fixed in the designs before the second version is sent to the manufacturer to be made. Once the company starts production we cannot make any further changes to the design.



To ensure we reduce the chance of mistakes in the second version to a minimum the designs will be not only double but even triple checked by us, alumni, and Sogeti. Since the first version is not going to be put in the car the physical dimensions of the pcbs did not matter. However the second version is going to be tested on the vehicle and so we have to make sure it will fit, which involves a lot of talking to the members of the chassis department. One of the things I really like is that even I, as a computer science student, get to route the dashboard pcb. Routing involves determining the placement of components on the pcb and connecting the right pins to each other.

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