Humans of FS Team Delft

March 23, 2017

I finished my bachelor in aerospace engineering last year, so I decided to join the team full time this year. Together with Niels I took care of the main chassis design, especially the structural design and production. This included running a lot of simulations in a FEM analysis program and diving deeper into carbon fibre production. 

Halfway through the year I was asked to lead the mechanical production, which offered a completely new challenge. This meant I had to gain a lot of new knowledge, both concerning mechanical production and leading a team. At first it was hard to combine both tasks but after a while it became I really found my way. I make quite a few components myself too, next to helping the rest of the mechanical crew; I’ve seen a fair bit of suspension brackets and accumulator spacers pass by. We also provide the team with a lot of tools specifically for assembling the car.


Outside of my time at the team I like to run, later this year I’m doing the Batavierenrace. I also like sailing during the summer and I used to climb a lot, at one point even becoming North-Eastern Dutch Champion.

So far I think my highlight of the year is the design presentation, it was really cool to see so much interest in the team, and being able to show everyone what you have been working on in a comprehensible way feels very satisfying. Apart from that every day has its surprises really, which keeps work interesting. The disadvantage is of course that this makes working at the team very busy, but that’s something I’m happily willing to accept! My upcoming highlight would have to be the day the chassis comes out of the mold and the subsequent torsional stiffness test. I’m really curious to see if all my calculations end up being right!

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