FSG Update #2

August 9, 2017

The start of the competition season is always a difficult time. Suddenly people are assigned tasks that have nothing to do with what their part on the team was. However, by the time that FSG starts the team is once more a well-oiled machine. It all starts out with a packaging exercise for the guys who leave early to set up the campsite. How many tents can you fit into a single Ford Fiesta? The answer of course is all of them. This is followed by a scenic tour of all the roadworks on the autobahn towards Hockenheim.



On arrival it’s time for the first (friendly) competition: which team can successfully claim and defend their territory on the campsite. Of course successfully set up tents will automatically defend a small portion of said territory.  After the border conflicts have been (temporarily) resolved, the DUT truck arrives with the big army tent and all the necessary supplies for the competition.  Then it’s time for the first dilemma: how to set up the big army tent with 5 people. Luckily the neighbours are more than willing to help out in exchange for a pack of stroopwafels.



While finishing up the army tent, the first team members start trickling in. The next trick is to keep these people busy so that they don’t start throwing watermelons. Luckily there is enough work to be done before the team manager gets us access to the paddock. Tarps are placed, shelving units assembled and refrigerators hooked up. At the end of the day we have a proper home away from home.

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