DUT19 Presents their design together with the first Driverless car

January 18, 2019

Friday the 18th of January the time was there: the moment we revealed the design of the DUT19 car to the rest of the world. You might have joined the design presentation at Airborne the Hague, maybe not, but we hereby provide you a small recap of this special day.


On Thursday, the day before, we brought four of the DUT cars to the Hague and made sure the stage was ready. The core team started Friday morning early and arrived in the Hague around 9 am. With a final run-through of the presentation, check up on the lights and cameras, we were ready to rumble! At 11.30 am the rest of the crew for the design presentation arrived and were instructed on their position as either a waiter/waitress or a hostess. Around 1.30 pm our sponsors and alumni arrived to be welcomed with a drink and at 2 pm the design presentation could really begin. Siemens kicked off the presentation and welcomed Jelmer on stage. After a short introduction on the DUT19 team and the Formula Student competition, the design of the DUT19 could be revealed. It was the first time we showed the final design to the public, so this was really exciting! The reactions were praising and very enthusiastic.


In the evening it was time for the rest of the team members to arrive. We took a team picture and ensured the hall was ready to welcome our friends and family. Around 7.30 pm the first guests arrived. The presentation started at 8 pm and followed the same procedure as the one we held at the afternoon. At the same time we started a livestream so everyone who was not at Airborne could still join the presentation. Again the presentation and the design of the DUT19 car were loved and everyone was impressed. It was very special to share this evening with our (grand)parents/siblings/partners/roommates/etc. since we have been working hard towards this moment. Afterwards it was time for some big celebrations, so we closed the day off with a few good drinks!



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