"Can you feel the suspense?"

- Boris Daan, Chief Suspension

Connecting the wheels of the car to the chassis may seems like an easy task, but it is one of the most crucial parts in optimizing the performance of the car. To achieve this a blend of skills including FEM simulation, materials testing and systems engineering is required throughout the year. With setup parameters such as spring- and anti roll bar stiffness, camber and toe our suspension engineers ensure that the chassis, wings and tires are always in optimal position, whilst keeping the ride comfortable and interactive for our drivers.

The Department

Boris Daan 

Chief Suspension

Alasdair Gray

Geometry engineer

Julius Keur

Geometry engineer

Klait Bani

Spring-damper system

Mauro Villanueva

Spring-damper system

Pim Werkman

Spring-damper system

Till Blaha

Steering system

Tim Swank

Structural engineer

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