Vehicle Dynamics


- Lars Peschke, Chief Vehicle Dynamics

In order for the team to successfully design a new car from scratch every year we need to set goals for each department. These goals are based on a combination of previous results and well thought out simulations. This part is handled by our vehicle dynamics department, therefore they shape the car in the early stages of its development. The department consists of experts with tools for FEM (Finite Element Method), CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and CAD (Computer Aided Design), and they essentially form the base of the performance of the car for all other departments.

The Department

Lars Peschke

Chief VD

Kevin Dijkstra


Klait Bani

Data acquisition

Menno van Laarhoven


Kunal Iyer


Andrea Bettini

Vehicle balance

Szymon Kasprzyk

Frequencies & controls

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